Department of Psychology

Overview of Undergraduate Program

Psychology is a basic and applied science, health profession, and undergraduate liberal arts major. The UNCW Psychology Department supports an outstanding undergraduate program with a shared set program goals and student learning outcomes and a strongly commitment to involving students in the research process. Students work closely with our outstanding faculty as junior colleagues to investigate a wide variety of topics including basic brain processes, drug effects, memory-improvement techniques, social cognitive factors underlying prejudice, ways to reduce school violence, and the evaluation of psychological treatments-to name but a few.

The department also actively involves students in service learning in a variety of ways. Undergraduate students have opportunities to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom in practicum experiences or community research projects. Psychology faculty and students are found in community settings which range from preschools to prisons. The graduates of our Bachelor of Arts program are prepared for further education in psychology and other professions and to take their place in the world of work. The study of psychology gives students the chance to use technology, learn to communicate, and be able to analyze ideas critically.

Please click on the Research & Service link to find out more about the research and service opportunities in which we invite you to take part.

Note that the UNCW Department of Psychology supports a number of Undergraduate Research & Service Awards.