Department of Psychology

Faculty Considering Accepting Graduate Students for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Graduate faculty who are considering accepting graduate students for the next academic year are listed below by program and concentration. Faculty members listed in multiple programs/concentrations are open to considering graduate students for each program/concentration in which they are listed. If a faculty members is not listed, it means they are not considering graduate students applying to that program/concentration 

Note: Undergraduate students interested in research should look at the full faculty roster which provides a description of each faculty members' research interests. Those listed below are just the graduate faculty who are considering a graduate student in the next academic year.  

Applied Behavior Analysis, Ph.D.

Applied Behavior Analysis, M.S.

General Clinical, Ph.D.  

Neuroscience and Behavior, M.S.   

Psychological Science, Ph.D.  

Psychological Science, M.S.