Department of Psychology

Behavior Analysis Research

The Psychology Department offers opportunities for students interested in the field of Learning and Behavior Analysis. Research and course work in Learning and Behavior Analysis includes study of both animal and human behavior. This field emphasizes empirical methods involving intensive study of individuals in characterizing relations between environment and behavior, and stresses a cooperative relationship between basic research and application. Research at UNCW includes laboratory exploration of basic behavioral processes such as positive and negative reinforcement, stimulus control, and schedule control of behavior. A general methodological and conceptual framework is emphasized, from which a broad variety of behavioral phenomena can be viewed, ranging from acquisition of simple learned behaviors to complex forms of human behavior. Training in this field provides important skills relevant to a variety of careers, including those in a) academic settings (university teaching and/or research), b) applied psychology (e.g., developmental disabilities, substance abuse), c) education, d) business, and e) other fields primarily concerned with changing the behavior of individuals.

The following faculty members research this area of psychology. Please follow the links to their homepages.