Department of Psychology

Student Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychology at UNCW emphasizes the importance of scientific research in the shaping of our discipline. Faculty members encourage active research participation by students. If you are interested in learning more about the science of psychology or if you want to set your job or graduate school application above the others, get involved in research! Talk with your professors about their research. Attend Psi Chi Faculty Research talks. Consult the list of faculty research interests. Click on a link to see a list of faculty with that research interest, then talk with a faculty member about the possibility of working with them on one of their projects.

Completing Research Participation Required For Some Courses

As a UNCW psychology student, you may be able to earn course credit by participating in psychological research using the Psychology Department's Research Sign-Up ("SONA") System.  Learn more about earning course credit by participating in psychological research or Go directly to the Research Sign-up System.

Student Service Opportunities

In addition to research, the Psychology Department also actively involves students in service learning. Psychology faculty and students are found in community settings which range from preschools to prisons. Undergraduate students have opportunities to work in applied settings in the Wilmington area through our Supervised Counseling Practicum. Learn more about Supervised Counseling Practicum and the service learning opportunities available to psychology majors.

Non-Student Research Opportunities

Although much of the psychological research at UNCW is conducted with active students, faculty in the Psychology Department also conduct research with a wide variety of non-student populations including children, middle-aged and older adults, and individuals with ADHD, PTSD, dementia, and traumatic brain injury. Learn more about research opportunities available to non-UNCW students.