Department of Psychology

What are we looking for in applicants to our Doctoral Program?

  • We seek a diverse group of motivated students who have strong potential to produce scientific research and provide effective treatments.

  • It is especially important that applicants’ research and practice interests match with one of our areas of emphasis:

    • Applied Behavior Analysis

    • Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
  • We seek applicants who have participated in research and relevant clinical/volunteer experience with people in the community.

  • Applicants for the next 2 years must not already have a master’s degree in psychology.  We are a new program and plan to seek APA Accreditation on Contingency Status during Year 2 or 3 of the program.  This requires that we have a cohort of students who take all courses offered.  Therefore, until 2018, we cannot admit applicants who have already earned a master’s degree in psychology.

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