Psychological Science

PhD in Psychology: Psychological Science Concentration 

The Psychological Science (PSYS) concentration that prepares students for careers related to research.  Students enrolling in this nonclinical concentration will receive an education in the core scientific domains of psychology as well as training in psychological research and professional development. Emphasis is placed on training skilled researchers that will be prepared to work in a broad range of careers in education, health, and industry.  Coursework is designed to provide disciplinary knowledge in the core domains of psychology and a solid foundation of quantitative and methodological skills. Students will engage in faculty-mentored research in one or more of the following areas: behavior analysis, behavioral pharmacology, cognitive, developmental, neuroscience, personality, and social. Training also includes experiential learning through career-path exploration. Students earning their Ph.D. in the Psychological Science concentration will be able to pursue research-oriented careers in academic, industry, or government settings.

For more information, including Admission, Degree, & Course Requirements for a Ph.D. in Psychology, please see the current UNCW Graduate Catalogue.