Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Research & Service Awards Competition

Each year the Department of Psychology honors UNCW undergraduate students for their exceptional work in psychological research & service. Below are the award recipients for this and prior years.

Congratulations to each of you!

2014-2015 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Carrianne Leschak
    • Carrianne works with Dr. Pond and is doing an honors thesis on the effects of empathy-inducing instructions on attitudes of sexual assault, specifically attitudes towards victims. She has aspirations to earn a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.
  • Michael Bradley Award: Austyn Byrd and Catherine McDermott
    • Austyn works with Dr. Dark-Freudemann on a project about risk and protective factors for suicide in older populations. She also works with Dr. Espinosa-Hernandez on a cross-cultural study of adolescent's sexual behaviors and beliefs in relation to factors such as parental relationships and religions. Additionally, she volunteers with Open Gate Domestic Violence Shelter. She hopes to attend graduate school to be a researcher and counselor working with older adult or adolescent populations.

    • Catherine is doing a thesis with Dr. Nguyen on levels of hope and happiness in visually impaired children, and how those levels correspond to the parent's hope and happiness for their children. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology, and plans to continue working with young children.

  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Mallory Blackwood
    • Mallory is doing a thesis with Dr. Keith in his neurofeedback lab on developing a reliable diagnostic measure of ADHD using a reaction time variation analysis. She has also heled administer EEG and neurofeedback in Dr. Nooner's clinic. She hopes to attend medical school with a specialty in neurology.

2013-2014 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Taylor Ochalek
  • Michael Bradley Award: Andrea Kaniuka
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: John Capps and Kayla Chatterton
2012-2013 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Derek McMullen
  • Michael Bradley Award: Alyssa Ghandi
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Jasara Hogan
2011-2012 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Sarah Carruthers
  • Michael Bradley Award: Jenna Ellison
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Diane Berth
2010-2011 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Sarah Ellen Edwards
  • Michael Bradley Award: Cynthia Bennett & Sarah Anne Henry
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Margie I. Hernandez Mejia
2009-2010 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Kathleen Casto
  • Michael Bradley Award: Camille Arnold
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Jamie Chaffman
2008-2009 Recipients
  • 2009 Summer Graduate Research Award: John Resendes
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Mallory Gleason
  • Michael Bradley Award: Ashley Noble
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Julie Robinson
2007-2008 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Jason Boye
  • Michael Bradley Award: Katherine Tinker
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Emily Hanks
2006-2007 Recipients
  • Williams-Kowal Award: Tess Young & Kathlees Walsh
  • Michael Bradley Award: Katie Gallaghar
  • Cape Fear Psychological Association Award: Renee Sanders