Department of Psychology

Graduate Placements, Psychology M.A. Program

ABA Concentration, M.A. Graduates

Students graduating from the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Concentration have continued their education in a PhD program or entered the field working across a variety of client populations providing early intervention services, assessment and treatment for severe problem behavior, and specialized services such as pediatric feeding interventions. Below are more specific examples of where our graduates have gone:

ABA career and grad school placements

PhD Programs in Behavior Analysis 

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center 
  • West Virginia University

Clinic Based Treatment

  • Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health – Wilmington, NC 
  • Autism Society of North Carolina 
  • May Institute – Jacksonville, NC

Home Based Treatment  

  • Butterfly Effects – Atlanta, GA

Consultative Services

  • Berth Behavioral Consultation – Wilmington, NC 
  • Behavioral Consulting for Autism – Hampstead, NC

Hospital Behavior Programming Specialist 

  • Central Regional Hospital – Butner, NC

PSY-SCI Concentration, M.A. Graduates

Students graduating from the Psychological Science Concentration are qualified to enter a variety of PhD programs to continue their education or enter the field working as a psychological scientist. Below are more specific examples of where our graduates have gone:

PSY-SCI career and grad school placements

Clinical PhD Programs 

  • Auburn University  
  • University of Tennessee 
  • University of Toronto 

School Psychology PhD Programs 

  • Mississippi State University 

Neuroscience PhD Programs 

  • Rosalind Franklin University 
  • Indiana University Bloomington 
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • Florida Atlantic University

Behavior Analysis PhD Programs 

  • Western Michigan University 
  • West Virginia University  

Public Health PhD Programs 

  • University of Indiana  

Pharmacy PhD Programs 

  • Auburn University 

Kinesiology Graduate Programs 

  • Temple University 

Research Assistants/Technicians 

  • University of Michigan 
  • Baylor University 

Part-Time Instructors 

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Business Analyst 

  • Ralinc Corporation – Cary NC 

Public Health Program Consultant 

  • State of North Carolina 

Child Welfare Intake Specialist 

  • Larimer County – Colorado