Department of Psychology

Clinical Internship

Students in the ABA clinical concentration must complete a one-semester clinical practicum experience, usually during the second semester of their second year, and a 1000 hour internship (usually six months of full-time work: see description below). Specific practicum and internship experiences are based on the student's concentration, interests and availability of appropriate clinical sites in the community. Only students in the ABA clinical concentration will be allowed to take practica and internships. No student in the Psychological Science or Neuroscience and Behavior concentration may enroll in these courses.

Because the Internship is a full-time responsibility, psychology graduate students must complete their theses before beginning the internship. It is expected that the student's alcohol and drug use will be in compliance with the policies and expectations of the agency, the UNCW code of conduct and the standards of ethics and professional conduct of the American Psychological Association. If not, the student may not be recommended for clinical placement by the UNCW faculty or he/she might be terminated from the placement prematurely. Many agencies reserve the right to require drug tests prior to accepting an intern or practicum student. Students are required to pay a nominal fee and submit to a criminal background/sex offender check via a University-identified, on-line service before registering for the following courses: PSY 594 Clinical Psychology Practicum; PSY 596 Clinical Psychology Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis; PSY 597 Internship in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis; and PSY 598 Internship. Please see the Graduate Handbook for a more complete explanation of policies.