Department of Psychology

Careers in Applied Behavior Analysis

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In 2005 a planning grant, funded by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Ford Foundation, allowed for assessment of employer and student interest in an applied behavior analysis program at UNCW. This assessment indicated that national, state, and local employers have a tremendous need for professionals with training in the specialized field of behavior analysis. Information provided by national employment services and the North Carolina Employment Commission also indicated significant job availability and lucrative salaries for individuals with knowledge, training, and skills in applied behavior analysis.The data indicate that the major residential facilities in North Carolina have an interest and a need for employees with behavior analytic skills.Data from the Association for Behavior Analysis show an increasing number of positions in the field of behavior analysis, especially in the areas of developmental disabilities and autism. While master's programs in applied behavior analysis are increasing nationally, UNCW's psychology master's program in applied behavior analysis is unique to North Carolina and the near southeast (i.e., VA , SC, and GA).UNCW's master's program helps fill the need of NC employers of behavior analysts and closes the gap in program availability that currently exists in the southeastern region of the US.