Department of Psychology

Overview: Applied Behavior Analysis

The Applied Behavior Analysis concentration focuses on the conceptual and methodological foundations of behavior analysis and takes a data-based approach to behavioral assessment and clinical psychology. Emphasis is placed on providing intervention services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The program is typically completed in 2½ years and consists of 53 credit hours of coursework including a research practicum, an applied practicum, and an empirical thesis. Upon completion of coursework and research, there is a 6-month/1000 hour internship. Students who successfully complete this program will obtain a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology with a clinical concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The program meets all education and experience requirements to prepare graduates for certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and licensure in North Carolina as a Licensed Psychological Associate. BCBA examination pass rates for verified course sequences may be found here.

While master's programs in applied behavior analysis are increasing nationally, UNCW's psychology master's program in applied behavior analysis is unique to North Carolina and the near southeast (i.e., VA, SC, and GA).