Department of Psychology

UNCW Department of Psychology - Strategic Plan

With our values, mission and vision as our guide we will pursue the following strategic goals and objectives.

Strategic Goal 1: Teaching

Enhance the lives of students through state of the art delivery of both the content and processes of psychological science and practice.

  • O.1: Adhere to American Psychological Association Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology and ensure a vertically aligned curriculum from General Psychology through Capstones.
  • O.2: Ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century workforce through a focus on writing, critical thinking, information literacy, data analysis, and global citizenship.
  • O.3: Function as a campus leader and model in applied learning
  • O.4: Support faculty professional development in teaching.
  • O.5: Ensure that the graduate curriculum prepares students to implement best practices in research, teaching and licensed clinical practice.
  • O.6: Ensure that the department maintains and acquires adequate space to carry out our teaching and training mission.

Strategic Goal 2: Research

Empower faculty and students to create and disseminate meaningful, impactful knowledge in the field of psychology.

  • O.1: Ensure continued development and support of a distinguished program of research in scientific psychology and function as a campus leader and model of research productivity
  • O.2: Develop and support incentives for pursuing and obtaining grant funding for research.
  • O.3: Create and support collaborative translational research activities.
  • O.4: Develop and resource a program for departmental dissemination of faculty research.
  • O.5: Ensure maximum utilization of applied learning/research space.
  • O.6: Ensure that adequate space is acquired in order to meet anticipated growth in faculty research/ applied learning programs and to ensure competitiveness in obtaining external funding.

Strategic Goal 3: Development

Ensure ongoing flexibility in implementing the departmental mission through cultivation of opportunities for development and innovation.

  • O.1: Create a structure and mechanism for fundraising.
  • O.2: Explore means to utilize faculty expertise to generate department funds.

Strategic Goal 4: Community Engagement

Utilize departmental expertise to provide high impact, visible community engagement to enhance our community.

  • O.1: Support faculty pursuit of community engagement projects.
  • O.2: Support transdisciplinary collaborations with other professional training departments.
  • O. 3: Promote awareness of these efforts to the UNCW community and beyond.

Strategic Goal 5: Governance

Foster an open, collegial and engaged system of faculty governance and service.

  • O.1: Ensure current governance procedures reflect current departmental culture and direction.
  • O.2: Ensure RTP criteria reflect current departmental expectations.
  • O.3: Ensure that service expectations are divided appropriately by rank.

Strategic Goals approved by unanimous vote 4/25/13.