Department of Psychology

Faculty and Staff

Full-time Faculty

  • Kate B. NoonerProfessor & Department Chairperson. Primary interest: Clinical child & adolescent psychology. Special interests: Trauma and adverse childhood experiences; substance use; health disparities; loneliness; neurodevelopment.
  • Emily L. Baxter, Assistant Professor. Primary interest: Behavior analysis. Special interest: Relapse of challenging behavior, caregiver training, ABA in schools.
  • Katherine E. M. Bruce, Professor. Primary interests: Animal behavior and comparative cognition; Special interests: Evolutionary psychology; non-human mate choice; AIDS prevention.
  • Tom Cariveau, Associate Professor. Primary interest: Applied Behavior Analysis. Special interest: Refining interventions for children with developmental disabilities; verbal behavior.
  • Caroline Clements, Professor. Primary interest: Clinical Psychology. Special interests: Cognitive processes in depression; control perceptions and hopelessness; individual differences in coping; domestic violence.
  • Dale J. Cohen, Professor. Primary interest: Decision science. Special interest: Numerical cognition; computational modeling.
  • Karen A. Daniels, Associate Professor. Primary interest: Cognitive psychology. Special interests: The control of mental processes; individual differences in working memory; training of memory and attention skills.
  • Alissa Dark-Freudeman, Associate Professor. Primary interest: Developmental psychology and aging. Special interests: Self-concept, health, and psychological well being.
  • M. Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez, Professor & Graduate Coordinator. Primary interest: Developmental and cross-cultural psychology. Special interests: Sexuality, romantic relationships, and psychological adjustment among Latino adolescents.
  • Mark Galizio, Professor. Primary interests: Behavioral pharmacology; conditioning, learning and memory. Special interests: Experimental and applied analysis of behavior.
  • Robert L. Hakan, Associate Professor. Primary interests: Neural substrates of reward; substance abuse. Special interests: Behavioral pharmacology, electrophysiology.
  • Christine Hughes, Professor. Primary interests: Behavior analysis and behavioral pharmacology. Special interests: Behavioral and pharmacological mechanisms of drug tolerance; choice and decision making.
  • Anne Hungerford, Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator. Primary interest: Developmental psychology. Special interests: Early socioemotional development, parenting, & infant temperament.
  • Julian R. Keith, Professor. Primary interest: Cognitive neuroscience. Special interests: Neurobiology of learning and memory; philosophy of neuroscience.
  • Rachel A. Kohman, Associate Professor. Primary interest: Behavioral Neuroscience. Special interests: Impact of neuroinflammation on learning/memory and factors (e.g., age, exercise, sex, and diet) that affect susceptibility to inflammation-associated behavioral and cognitive deficits.
  • Len Lecci, Professor. Primary interests: Clinical and personality psychology. Special interests: Motivational underpinnings of mood and health related disorders; individual differences as predictors of adult mental health; juror bias.
  • Shanhong Luo, Professor. Primary interests: Social and personality psychology. Special interests: Development of close relationships; attraction and partner selection; relationship maintenance; perceptual biases involved in relationships.
  • Sally J. MacKain, Professor. Primary interest: Clinical psychology. Special interests: Schizophrenia; psychosocial rehabilitation; mental health treatment in correctional settings.
  • David A. MacQueen, Assistant Professor. Primary interests: Behavioral pharmacology, cognitive neuroscience, translational methods. Special interests: Cross-species task development, attention, learning, memory, pharmacogenomics.
  • Bryan Myers, Professor. Primary interests: Forensic psychology. Special interests: Jury decision making; capital sentencing; false memories, dogmatic thinking, and attitude change.
  • Jennifer Myers, Lecturer. Primary Interests: Clincial and developmental psychology. Special interest: Marriage and family therapy.
  • Simone Nguyen, Professor. Primary interest: Cognitive development in childhood. Special interests: Categories & concepts; inductive reasoning; naive theory of biology.
  • Nora E. Noel, Professor. Primary interest: Clinical psychology. Special interests: Substance abuse etiology and treatment; substance use in psychiatric populations.
  • Erica C. Noles, Senior Lecturer. Primary interest: Developmental and social psychology. Special interests: Development and measurement of racial bias, terror management theory, children's and adults' understanding of death, infants' intermodal perception of gender.
  • Jasmine B. Norman, Assistant Professor. Primary interest: Social psychology. Special interests: Belonging & social identity; person perception; social bias.
  • Todd C. Peterson, Assistant Professor. Primary interests: Behavioral neuroscience; Cellular and molecular biology. Special interests: Stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neuroinflammation.
  • Raymond C. Pitts, Jr., Professor. Primary interests: Behavioral pharmacology; behavior analysis. Special interests: Behavioral & pharmacological mechanisms of drug action; choice and decision making.
  • Richard S. Pond, Jr., Associate Professor. Primary interest: Social psychology. Special interests: Aggression and violence; emotion; affiliation, social exclusion, and loneliness; self-control; statistical methods and research design.
  • Antonio E. Puente, Professor. Primary interest: Clinical neuropsychology. Special interests: Cultural neuropsychology; ethnic minorities; international psychology; policy and advocacy.
  • Jeffrey P. Toth, Associate Professor. Primary interests: Cognitive psychology & neuroscience. Special interests: Memory & attention; cognitive control & unconscious influences; cognitive training; metacognition.
  • Carole M. Van Camp, Associate Professor. Primary interests: Physical activity and health in children; Preference and reinforcer assessments; Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Wendy Donlin Washington, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Primary interest: Applied behavior analysis. Special interests: Substance abuse; experimental analysis of behavior; behavioral pharmacology; behavioral economics.
  • Catherine L. Williams, Assistant Professor. Primary interest: Basic and applied behavior analysis. Special interests: Stimulus control, instructional design, education.

Part-time Faculty, Lecturers & Research Staff

Professors Emeriti

  • Dr. Michael Bradley
  • Dr. Robert Brown
  • Dr. Lee (Andy) Jackson 
  • Dr. Joseph M. Kishton
  • Dr. Kathleen Kowal
  • Dr. C. Sue Lamb
  • Dr. William H. Overman, Jr.
  • Dr. D. Kim Sawrey
  • Dr. Carolyn Simmons
  • Dr. John Williams, Jr.

Office Staff

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