Printing Services

How Printing Services Supports UNCW

  • Loyalty to UNCW. We explore all possible options to meet your needs. We have only one focus ...UNCW.

  • Vested interest in UNCW and success. We are all members of the same team; when you succeed, we succeed too.

  • Institutional priority. UNCW is our only priority, while outside printers may have many different and often more important customers. We go above and beyond ordinary levels of service to provide what you want, when you need it.

  • Quality. We have a thorough understanding of UNCW's visual identity standards. This improves consistency and always represents the University in the most professional image.

  • Convenience. We are located on campus and provide free pick-up and delivery service. We also provide online ordering services via U-Business and SeaPrint.

  • Service and ease of doing business. Our professional and knowledgeable customer service staff make ordering from us easy and minimizes paperwork associated with doing business off campus.

  • Money saving efforts. We are continually seeking the most cost effective ways to produce jobs for the University. We work with vendors to negotiate the best prices for all raw materials, especially paper.

  • On-site experts in printing. We stay on top of the latest printing technology and production techniques to better serve the UNCW community. We are your One Source on campus providing Many Solutions for your printing needs.

  • Confidentiality. We value your confidence and trust. We will keep proprietary documents and address files confidential and within the University.

  • Familiarity with UNCW processes, people, departments and programs. We have more interest in, and ability to prepare for, the "special" needs of UNCW customers.

  • One Source, Many Solutions. We are more than just printing. We are the solution providers for your communication needs.