Printing Services

Digital File Preparation

Printing options offered by Printing Services

  • Black/white and color copies are produced on high-speed networked copiers.
  • Offset and digital printing are produced using inks to print onto paper. Offset and digital printing are intended for longer runs, spot colors and full-color jobs.

Digital file preparation requirements depend on the type of printing

  • Black/White and Color Copies

    Microsoft Office software is used extensively at UNCW to create documents, and Printing Services will accept those files. However, when Microsoft Office documents are transferred to and opened on workstations other than the original workstation, the text and graphics can shift. To solve this problem, create a PDF file of the document on the original workstation that was used to create the document. The advantage of a PDF file is that you will be able to open it with the free Acrobat Reader program and compare the formatting with your original document. Major changes cannot be made to PDF files; therefore, careful proofing before you send the files to Printing Services is essential.

    If you need assistance creating a PDF file, call Printing Services at 910.962.3084 or TAC at 910.962.4357.

    You may submit your digital files to Printing Services on a flash/jump drive or through email at

  • SeaPrint

    Files submitted through SeaPrint are automatically converted to PDF files by the file transfer software.

  • Offset and Digital Printing

    Electronic files for offset and digital press jobs must be sent to the Print Shop and processed through the prepress area.

    If the document contains more than one color, it must be created with a page layout program that is capable of doing color separations. The Print Shop supports both Quark XPress and InDesign (Mac and PC formats). The Print Shop also supports Adobe Illustrator for illustration and Photoshop for photo editing.

    If you are unable to submit files in a page layout program, it is usually faster and less expensive to submit a press-quality PDF.

    Digital files can be submitted to the Print Shop on a flash/jump drive or through email at