Printing Services


Convenience Copier Program

Printing Services' Convenience Copier Program encompasses all copiers on any campus property.

Advantages of the Copier Program

  • One contact point - call Copier Program at 910.962.3697 for any copier issue
  • Our university-wide program has access to a variety of models from the same manufacturer, which enables all users to have access to a copier appropriate to their site's volume and functionality needs, while allowing all users consistent pricing.
  • All copiers are fully digital for best reproduction quality.
  • Flexibility as needs change to move, exchange and add machines.
  • Cost-per-copy pricing includes all service, paper, toner etc.
  • Program offers campus-wide access to additional copiers to reduce departmental downtime during equipment servicing.
  • Although specific models vary, all machines are from the same manufacturer, thereby reducing the need for constant retraining of employees as staff and equipment moves.

Departmental Copier Placement Guidelines

  • Copiers are placed based on needs in any given location. Printing Services works with department personnel and looks at previous copy history to determine the appropriate equipment size, speed and functionality.
  • Departmental and individual copier access is granted by department administration and applied through the copier program.

Contact Information

If you have questions or need assistance on any copier issue, please call 910.962.3697.