Pre-Professional Programs


Students who plan to prepare for law school may select a major in any discipline that fulfills the requirements for a baccalaureate degree at UNCW. On average, successful UNCW applicants have a GPA of 3.15 and an LSAT score of 150.4.

In developing a pre-law program, students should be aware of the recommendation of the Association of American Law Schools, which describes the basic skills and insights it believes fundamental to the latter attainment of legal competence. These are (a) comprehension and expression in words; (b) critical understanding of human institutions and values with which the law deals; and (c) creative power in thinking. In order to develop these capacities, the association recommends a pre-legal education of the "broadest scope."

To accomplish these goals, UNCW offers a wide range of pre-law courses. Regardless of the major, the pre-law student should be zealous in the selection of electives that will facilitate critical understanding of economic, political, and social institutions.