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Application for PULSE is open. Please check go to to apply!

PULSE is a non-residential Learning Community designed specifically for first-year students who plan to pursue a graduate degree for their future health career. All students in PULSE will be enrolled in the same sections of the following:

  • BIO 201: Principles of Biology: Cell
  • CHM 101: General Chemistry
  • UNI 101: First-Year Seminar
Over the past 3 years, reports show that PULSE students typically earn higher grades in their linked Biology & Chemistry courses compared to their peers. For example, our PULSE 2015 cohort earned ~0.5 higher GPA than others enrolled in those science courses. This program proves to be a great start to help students achieve academic success in prerequisites like BIO 201 and CHM 101 - two courses that are traditionally required for admission into any dental, medical and other allied health graduate programs. In addition, students complete UNI 101, a requirement for all first-year students to graduate from UNCW.

Why should YOU join PULSE?

  • Take the same 3 classes and labs with motivated students like you
  • Form study groups and peer support with other pre-health students
  • Begin completing entrance requirements for graduate programs early
  • Complete assignments that will benefit your application process
  • Participate in pre-health related activities such as volunteer projects and school visits
  • Receive first-hand information from Pre-Professional Advisors in UNI 101
Application for PULSE is open. Please check go to to apply!

Please email or call University College at (910) 962-3245 and ask to speak with a Pre-Professional advisor for any questions regarding the PULSE Learning Community. Students can review all information on Learning Community options here -