NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

Course Planning for Students

Students receive targeted, one-on-one academic advising from the Program Director, an NC State employee and three time graduate of the NC State College of Engineering. The Program Director will work with each student individually to develop a plan of study to best meets their needs. Incoming freshman students are advised to attend the earliest possible orientation session. Students are also advised to participate in early registration if eligible. At orientation, students will register for classes and will be provided with this handout containing helpful tips for defining their fall semester schedule. At freshman orientation, it is imperative to take the UNCW math placement test (if offered), even if a student has AP credit or an ACT score.

An engineering curriculum like the engineering process builds on a foundation of information and is very structured. Therefore, prerequisites and course sequencing are very important. The following table contains semester by semester displays of the typical sequence of courses taken for each of the engineering degree programs. These may vary based on AP or transfer credits, but they provide a general idea of how the 2+2 program works. For a general idea of what an NC State engineering student would take, please review the semester-by-semester plans available on the NC State Undergraduate Courses & Curricula website. Please note: for the 1+3 plans listed below, this is a more optimal pathway for transition to these respective NC State engineering departments given their course offerings in the sophomore year, however, a 2+2 (possibly 3) track may also be followed.

Engineering Discipline UNCW/NCSU Semester by Semester Plan of Study (pdf files)
Biological & Agricultural 2+2 BAE Plan
Biomedical & Health Sciences 1+3 BHSE Plan
Chemical & Biomolecular 1+3 CBE Plan
Civil 2+2 CE Plan
Construction 2+2 CON Plan
Environmental 2+2 ENE Plan
Computer Science 1+3 CSC Plan
Computer 2+2 CPE Plan
Electrical 2+2 EE Plan
Industrial & Systems 2+2 ISE Plan
Materials Science 2+2 MSE Plan
Aerospace 1+3 AE Plan
Mechanical 2+2 ME Plan
Nuclear 1+3 NE Plan

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