NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

The 3+2 Process

A 3+2 double major program offers students the opportunity to obtain a degree in a science major from UNCW in approximately three years, then complete an engineering degree at NC State in their final two years of study. UNCW students will complete the NC State engineering transfer requirements while completing their UNCW major and University Studies requirements. These programs must be started in the fall of the freshman year, otherwise they can not be completed on a 3+2 schedule. Available 3+2 degree combinations are listed below along with a link to a semester by semester degree plan (pdf):

Please note that some combinations may require a summer session. It is important to see the Program Director if you are interested in one of these options since the respective course curricula are somewhat scripted. The major advising sheets associated with these programs are available from University College and may also be helpful in course planning.