NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

The 2+2 Process

The engineering 2+2 curricula follow as closely as possible to the first two years of study of the engineering curricula at NC State. This program is not a "pre-professional" program; it is a direct pathway to an engineering degree. Participation in the 2+2 program does not guarantee admission to the NC State College of Engineering, however, our rate of acceptance oscillates between 70-80% in a given fall semester. Here's how the program works!


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  1. Fulfill the NC State College of Engineering minimum requirements for transfer admission (see notes below table). Some coursework may be met through Advanced Placement (AP) credit, but please refer to the NC State AP credit evaluation website as UNCW may grant different course credit than NC State.
  2. Take many transferable NC State General Education Program (GEP) courses.
  3. Take 1-3 relevant engineering courses via live video conference through the NC State College of Engineering Distance Education Program (note: must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in courses taken from NC State).
  4. Complete the NC State transfer admission application.

At NC State:

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Upon admission to the NC State University College of Engineering, a 2+2 student may be admitted into one of the following on-campus degree programs:

  • Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Material Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Paper Science & Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
Upon completion of the major requirements of the respective degree program, the successful 2+2 student will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in the engineering discipline of their choice from NC State University.

The transfer admission requirements are clearly listed on the NC State College of Engineering's website and students should consider that site as the authoritative source for transfer admission information. A summary of the minimum eligibility requirements in terms of transferable UNCW courses is provided here:

  • 30+ credit hours of transferable college-level courses
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher (varies by department)
  • Take the following UNCW courses required for transfer admission:
    • Calculus I (MAT 161) and Calculus II (MAT 162), with a minimum mathematics GPA of 2.5
    • Calculus-based Physics I with lab (PHY 201)
    • General Chemistry I with lab (CHM 101)
    • Two English composition courses (ENG 101 and ENG 201; Note ENG 103 will also fulfill NC State's English composition requirement; see the NC State First Year Writing Program website for more information)