NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

Transferring to NC State

Every year, more than 25% of the students earning an engineering degree from NC State are students who began their education at another institution, and many of those come from the site-based 2+2 programs. Will you be part of that group? This page will answer many of your questions about how to transfer to NC State as a 2+2 student.

First, a student must meet the College of Engineering's minimum eligibility requirements for transfer admission before submitting their application for transfer. For summer or fall admission, it is best to apply in the previous December. To apply, follow the instructions on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website. If you apply by February 15, you will receive an admission decision by April 15. You may receive a conditional acceptance pending receipt of spring semester grades. The NC State College of Engineering will accept a limited number of applications for spring transfer.

Most 2+2 students transfer to NC State after spending two years at UNCW, but it is possible to transfer after one year if all transfer admission requirements are met after the first year. Students on the "fast-track" are encouraged to work closely with the Program Director to map out courses carefully. Students who previously attended NC State will have to apply for readmission instead of transfer. All readmission policies will apply.

Transcripts: You will need to send transcripts from every college (including UNCW) and community college in which you have attended to the NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions regardless of how few courses you may have taken at that particular institution. UNCW does not automatically issue transcripts. Please follow the procedure on the UNCW Registrar's website for requesting a transcript. If you are in your last semester at UNCW, you can specify that you would like the transcript sent at the end of the semester. It is important to submit your final transcript to NC State as soon as your final semester grades are posted at UNCW.

NC State Transfer GPA Calculations: When NC State calculates your cumulative college GPA, they will consider credits from all colleges and/or community colleges you have attended. It also uses NC State's undergraduate grade exclusion policy and not that of the institution from which you transfer. At UNCW, for example, students are allowed three repeats of courses and grade replacements in which a grade below a C was earned. At NC State, students are allowed two grade exclusions for a course in which a grade below a C was earned. Therefore, for any repeats above two, both grades for the same course will be used in the transfer GPA calculation. NC State drops pluses and minuses when calculating the transfer GPA. The College of Engineering also requires a 2.5 GPA in the last two calculus courses taken including any calculus or differential equations course in progress at the time you apply.

Have you been accepted? Great! Congratulations! As stated in your letter of acceptance, please pay the initial deposit to secure your spot as soon as possible. You will then be assigned to an academic advisor and will be provided with further information about how to register for classes. Consult this helpful link for more information about the College of Engineering's academic advising practices. 

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