NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

NC State General Education Program (GEP) Requirements

NC State University has general education requirements similar to the University Studies requirements at UNC Wilmington. These requirements are specified in their undergraduate catalog. Requirements in physical education, English, mathematics, and the sciences are met through courses that are part of the engineering curricula. Other requirements are met through selection of appropriate humanities and social science electives listed in the table below. All course numbers are UNCW course numbers. Foreign language proficiency is addressed below the table.

The NC State General Education Program (GEP) requirements can be met at either UNCW or NC State. They are not required for transfer. Three-hundred level courses may require a pre-requisite. There may be other UNCW courses that transfer to NC State for equivalent credit and count toward the GEP requirements. Please review the NC State transfer course equivalency database and talk to the Program Director about such courses.

Select two courses from different disciplines.


Special Major Requirements:

Aerospace & Mechanical majors must take PAR 115 or complete the Ethics requirement at NCSU.

ENG 110*, 210, 211, 212, 219, 223, 224, 225, 226, 230, 232, 233, 250, 332, 333, 338, 350, 351, 352, 372

HST 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 237, 261, 300, 305, 306, 313, 321, 323, 330, 341, 342, 346, 347, 348, 351, 355, 358, 360, 372, 373, 382, 390, 392

PAR 101, 115, 201, 215, 230, 235, 242, 236, 340, 345

PLS 313, 315

SOC 346

Social Sciences
Select one course.


Special Major Requirements:

Environmental majors must take EVS 364 at UNCW, or PS 320 or 336 at NCSU.


Construction majors should fulfill the category at NCSU.

ANT 206, 207, 208, 210, 211, 304, 305

COM 220

ENG 320

EVS 364

PLS 101, 111, 202, 205, 209, 220, 230, 308, 309, 338, 422

PSY 105, 216, 223, 264/365

SOC 105, 215, 325, 335, 345, 346, 350, 355, 365, 485, 486


ECN 221 (pre-requisite: MAT 111)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Select two courses.


Special Major Requirements:

Biological majors must fulfill one of these requirements at NCSU to complete the GEP Ethics IP requirement.


Industrial & Systems majors should take PAR 215 to fulfill the Ethics IP requirement.


Materials Science majors may take PAR 115 (a Humanities) or PAR 215.

BIO 150


HST 111* (formerly 205), 112* (formerly 206)

INT 105

PAR 215, 345

SOC 337

Additional Breadth

Select one course from Humanities or Social Sciences above, or one of the Visual & Performing Arts courses at right.


Special Major Requirements:

Environmental Engineers should take COM 101 to fulfill this category.


ART 101, 102

ARH 201, 202

COM 101

ENG 270

MUS 105, 115, 116

THR 121, 225, 230

Out of the seven courses above, one must be underlined to meet NC State's Global Knowledge co-requisite and another must be in bold and italics to meet NC State's U.S. Diversity co-requisite. Otherwise extra courses must be taken.

Notes: Requirements in all categories above must be satisfied. A total of 21 credits are required. Students should consider the GEP website the authoritative source for approved course requirements and should always consult the Program Director with questions about courses that do not appear in the table.

* ENG 110, HST 111 and HST 112 no longer have respective equivalent courses at NC State, however, the College of Engineering will still accept them as GEP courses. A special substitution will need to be made upon transfer and it is the responsibility of the student to initiate that request with the NC State advisor upon admission.

Foreign Language Requirement: Incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to demonstrate proficiency at the FL 102 level. This corresponds to the 102 level at UNCW.

  • Meeting the Requirement Before Enrollment: Freshmen and transfer students may satisfy this requirement before entering NC State in one of the following ways:
    • obtaining a grade of C (77) or better in each of two years of high school study of the same language
    • advanced placement score of 3 (College Entrance Examination Board AP Test)
    • score of 510 or above on the College Board Foreign Language Achievement Test (SAT Subject Test)
  • Meeting the Requirement After Enrollment: Proficiency at the FL 102 level after entering NC State may be demonstrated as follows:
    • completion of FL 102 course with a passing letter grade
    • transfer credit equivalent to FL 102 from an accredited institution or University-approved study abroad program
    • satisfactory completion of the FL 102 competency test offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
    • placement into FL 201 or higher on the placement test offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

    Visit the following foreign language proficiency website for other details.