NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

Student Testimonials

photoSince 2009, 170 students have successfully transferred to the NC State College of Engineering. Of these students, 95% have remained enrolled or graduated since the conclusion of the Spring 2016 semester. The average graduating GPA across all years is 3.02. In the Fall 2017 semester, nearly 40 students will transfer to NC State to complete their engineering degrees. Here's what some former 2+2 students have to say about their experiences in the Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program:

Branson on his experiences with the distance education courses offered through NC State:

"It is amazing how video conference technology can benefit education. In my personal experience I have seen how this technology is one of the main resources utilized by the UNCW Pre-Engineering program. The video conference capabilities in King Hall has enabled me to take distance ed. classes here in Wilmington that UNCW does not physically offer on campus. Being able to take distance ed. classes allows me to keep up with the courses I need in order to transfer to and graduate from NC State with a degree in engineering. Without UNCW's distance ed. classrooms and capabilities, the Pre-Engineering program would not be as strong as it is and my track towards an engineering degree would be much more difficult."

Josh on his decision to start at UNCW and finish at NC State:

"A wonderful advisor, an esteemed engineering program, and a beautiful beach, what more can a student ask for?"

Kelsey on her decision to select engineering as a major:

"I chose to major in engineering because it allows me to devote many hours to subjects within mathematics and the sciences, both of which I am very passionate about. After college, I expect an ever-evolving career that encourages creativity and provides opportunities to make an impact on the world we live in. I honestly could not ask for anything more in a career or major."