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Notices: The UNCW Policy Web site serves as a policy index and repository for official UNCW policies. In addition to this Web site, policies are also found in various handbooks, brochures and other university publications. To the extent of any conflict between the policies found on this Web site and the policies found in handbooks, brochures or other university publications, the policies as listed on this Web site shall be the controlling authority and shall supersede any other versions of same or similar subject matter. This site is not intended to serve as the repository for all internal policies, procedures and guidelines from the respective college and schools of the university. For access to college, school and department level internal policies, procedures and guidelines, please contact the appropriate unit for information.

Disclaimer: All policies are subject to change from time to time as approved by the UNCW Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or other senior officers. This website is updated as soon as possible following an approval.