Police Department


The UNCW Police Department organizational structure includes four divisions (Office of the Chief, Operations, Investigations and Support Services), sections/units, and shifts/squads. Each division is assigned specific responsibilities associated with achieving the department's goals and objectives.

Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief is managed by the Chief of Police and consists of the Assistant Chief, the Professional Standards Unit, and the Budget & Planning Unit. The Office of the Chief is responsible for overall management of the police department.

The Chief of Police provides direction and assigns priorities to departmental initiatives and responsibilities. Various functions associated with business, personnel, and governance are accomplished through this position. The Chief is also responsible for preparing, and managing the department's annual budget and serving as the hiring manager for the department. Chris Bertram is serving as the Interim Chief of Police.

With executive oversight of the Operations, Investigations, and Support Services Divisions, the Assistant Chief of Police is responsible for the overall day to day operational functions of the department, aligning resources to maintain service levels and achieve stated goals. Chris Bertram may be contacted at 910.962.3136 and bertramc@uncw.edu.


Operations DCurryivision

The Operations Division is the largest and most visible component of the UNCW Police Department. This division operates 24 hours a day, each day of the week patrolling university property in vehicles, on bicycles, and on foot and staffing the Communications Center. Staff resources include a sworn and non-sworn personnel according to a traditional rank structure. The Operations Division provides a broad range of services and support to the campus community, and has a primary responsibility to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and remain accessible to members of the community.

Police Telecommunicators staff the Communications Center in police headquarters on Lionfish Drive. In addition to receiving incoming telephone calls, monitoring alarms, classroom intercoms, and Emergency Call box activations, these professionals utilize federal, state and local criminal justice and university databases that support policing and security functions among their many responsibilities.

In addition to providing support to the University's sworn police officers, Security Guards are responsible for conducting high visibility foot patrols of buildings and grounds; controlling access to certain areas; locking and unlocking facilities; and responding to calls for service, among other duties. The Operations Commander also oversees employee recruiting.

As Commander of the Operations Division, Captain Todd Curry is also third in command of the police department in the absence of the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police. He may be contacted at 910.962.3185 and curryt@uncw.edu.

InvestigPadgettations Division

The Investigations Division conducts follow up investigations of reported crimes and provides expert insight to matters of crime prevention, substance abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault and other areas of concern to the community. Investigators are on duty during business hours and on-call 24 hours a day.

Captain Chris Padgett is the commander of this division and also oversees accreditation. He may be contacted at 910.962.7809 and padgettc@uncw.edu.

Support Services DivisionDeacon

The Support Services Division manages the department's technology and communications equipment, records and archives, reporting processes & compliance, software, work flow, and crime analysis. This division ensures communication equipment, technology resources and systems in the Communications Center remain operational, are tested, and that recovery and continuity of operations procedures are current and available for 24 hour access and implementation.

Captain Cynthia Deacon is commander of this division and also oversees training. She may be contacted at 910.962.2413 and deaconc@uncw.edu.