University Planning

University Planning and Quality Council


September 4, 1996 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Marvin Moss, Robert Walton, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Dr. John Marts for Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Terri Bomar for Dr. Virginia Adams, Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. Richard Viet, Dr. Jack Levy, and Dr. James Sabella, Dr. Terry Curran, and Dr. Neal Hadley, and Nate Stansfield.

Others attending:
Mark Lanier, Dr. Paul Hosier, Dr. Melton McLaurin, Sam Connally, and Robert Fry.

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM. The minutes from the July 18, 1996 meeting were approved as distributed.

Ms. Pat Leonard introduce the new Dean of Students, Dr. Terry Curran

Special reports and Non-Planning Items

Fall 1996 Enrollment Report

Dr. Denis Carter reported on Fall 1996 enrollment and cited several areas that changed significantly since last year. Among the areas mentioned were freshmen, transfers, and African American students. He also reported on SAT scores and high school GPA.

Appointment of Technology Committee Chairperson

Mr. Fry reported that Dr. Dick Ward will chair the Technology Committee and John Lympany will serve as Co-Chair.

University-Wide Strategic Issues

Board of Trustees Motion on Enrollment Growth

Mr. Fry distributed copies of motion on enrollment growth that was passed at the August 1996 Board of Trustees meeting. The enrollment targets established in this motion were used as the basis for the 10 year projections sent to President Spangler on August 30th.

Mr. Fry distributed and discussed the enrollment projections that were submitted to General Administration on August 30th. He stated that the report adhered as closely as possible to the targets established by the Board of Trustees. In Scenario I, the university did not request any new facilities and limited fall semester growth to about 9,300 on-campus and 1,250 off-campus extension and distance learning students. Campuses were given the opportunity to request additional facilities in Scenario II. In this instance, UNCW requested several new facilities and increased fall semester enrollment targets to about 12,000 on-campus and 2,500 off-campus students. The Chancellor in his cover letter to President Spangler indicated that the university will consider reducing the request for new facilities by making more extensive use of instructional technology. General Administration will use this data to produce a consolidated report for presentation to the Board of Governors and submission to the legislature.

Mr. Walton reported that a new iteration of the campus master plan is being developed by local architects and a contracted traffic study is currently being conducted. Mr. Walton will have a presentation on these items prepared for the December Council meeting.

At its last meeting, the Board of Trustees asked that a report be prepared on the potential for establishing a "University Press" at UNCW. Dr. Richard Viet was asked to talk with a part-time member of the English department who has experience with this type of operation. Mark Lanier will contact General Administration to see if the establishment of a university press requires approval at the system level.

Time and Place for Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on October 16th, at 3 PM in Alderman 215.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

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