University Planning

University Planning and Quality Council


September 28, 1994 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Joan Willey, Dr. Kenneth Gurganus, Dr. Charles Earney, Dr. James McNab, Dr. Jack Levy, Dr. William Bryan, Dr. Carolyn Simmons, William Anlyan, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Virginia W. Adams.

Others attending: Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. Joann Seiple, Tim Jordan, and Robert Fry.

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m. The minutes from the June 15, 1994 Planning Council meeting were approved as distributed.


Assessment Committee

Mr. Fry reported that the Assessment Subcommittee will be meeting to discuss General Administration's process for selecting peer institutions and to develop a list of data elements to be requested from the selected campuses. The committee will also review and make recommendations on the proposed revisions to the SACS institutional effectiveness criteria. Dr. Simmons will be meeting with the Committee later this fall to discuss ways in which the University is responding to the educational outcomes requirements found in the existing criteria.

SAT Improvement Task Force

Mr. Fry indicated a new group, the SAT Improvement Task Force has been created to study ways in which the University can assist in the improvement of regional SAT scores. This group is expected to complete its work during the current academic year.


Fall 1994 Enrollment and Enrollment Projections for 1995-96

Mr. Fry provided copies of the enrollment projection for 1995-96 and 1996-97. These projections provide information on the expected numbers of new freshman, transfers and graduate students and the impact of rising continuation rates on total enrollment levels. Significant enrollment growth will occur once the new science building and the Bear Hall addition are completed. It was noted that a general purpose classroom building will be needed by 1998 if the campus is to meet the projected demand for educational services. Since the number of faculty positions will increase as enrollment grows, a new classroom building must include additional office facilities for faculty and academic staff.

Status Report on Academic Program Requests Dr. Simmons reported that the request to plan a new Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is expected to be approved by the Board of Governors. The request to plan a Masters in Liberal Arts (MLA) was not supported at General Administration. Experience has shown that the number of students in (MLA) programs are declining and that few complete the degree requirements. Dr. Tyndall stated that Education Leadership programs that were developed by the School of Education have been approved and student recruitment has already begun. The School of Education had received and responded to some minor questions about the Early Childhood program.

Dr. Howard Rockness stated that he has received positive feedback on the School's request to establish the Masters of Science in Accountancy degree program.

Status Report University Planning Manual Mr. Fry indicated that he has sent a copy of proposed revisions to the University Planning Manual to the division planning coordinators for their review and comment. He hopes to have this document completed by the next Council Meeting.


Agenda Items for 1994-95 Council Meetings

¥ Space Utilization Report

¥ Peer Selection Process - Look at institutions which are selected out of this process

The next meeting date will be Wednesday, November 30th at 3:00 p.m. in Alderman 215

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

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