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University Planning and Quality Council


September 21, 2000 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Dr. John Cavanaugh, Timothy Jordan, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Patton McDowell, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Neil Hadley, Dr. Terrence Curran, Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. Lynne Snowden, Dr. Richard Veit, Dr. Ronald Sizemore, and Dr. Douglas Smith.

Others attending:
Mark Lanier, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Ms. Mimi Cunningham, Hal White, Richard Scott, Dr. Paul Hosier, Samuel Connally, Dr. James Dragna, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Ray Cockrell, Ms. Anne Beach, Ms. Li-Shing Wang, Ms. Mary Forsythe, Ms. Carol Strickland, Charles Sanders, Ms. Sharon Boyd and Robert Fry.

Chancellor Leutze called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM. After calling for questions, the minutes of the June 15, 2000 meeting stood approved as circulated.

Planning Items

Business Affairs Report

  • E-Print Presentation

Ms. Strickland of Systems and Procedures made a presentation on "e-print." This web-based program allows the university to distribute budget reports electronically. Using this approach significantly reduces printing costs and provides budget managers with reports immediately after the end of a monthly budget cycle. E-print is being implemented in only the FRS and HRS areas at this time. Ms. Boyd informed the Council that implementations are being considered in the SIS area.

  • Procurement Card

Mr. Fry introduced Charles Sanders, Director of Purchasing, who informed the Council about the outcome of a Procurement Card program that was used by several departments during this past year. UNCW implemented this program to make the university purchasing process more efficient and to use less paper when purchasing items under $500.00. Ms. Forsythe and Mr. Scott explained the use of the Procurement Card that will be distributed to departments during the coming months. Budget managers must be aware of their fund balances and must make sure that this new process is not being abused. Mr. Jordan commented on the card and the efficiencies that result from its use. He also talked about its limitations.

General Administration Visit

  • Mr. Fry reviewed the purpose of an upcoming visit by staff from General Administration. Accompanying President Broad will be Gary Barnes, Vice President for Program Assessment and Public Service, Dr. Larry Mayes, Assistant Vice President for Program Assessment and Dr. Russ Lea, Interim Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Sponsored Programs. This visit will take place on September 28th.
  • Materials provided in advance of this meeting were discussed. The results of the previous year's Sophomore and Senior surveys were reviewed. Concern was expressed several students' perception of the intellectual climate on campus and the evaluation of the advising system. Class availability and ARA food service also appeared to be areas of concern for students.

SACS Self-Study Process

  • Dr. Spackman brought the Council up-to-date on the SACS process. The Steering Committee will soon begin considering the Section II committee report. Administrative Self-Study reports are due on October 2nd. All information about the SACS Self-Study can be found on the SACS website.

Enrollment Information Survey

  • Dr. Carter distributed an enrollment report for fall 2000. This report provided data comparing the end of the Drop/Add period for fall 1999 and fall 2000. He informed members that some of the data are preliminary and will be finalized after student enrollment adjustments are complete.
  • Dr. Leutze opened a discussion on classes that students "can't get." Much of this problem is linked to UNCW's current space limitations. Dean Hadley indicated that he had informed the Graduate Council that program growth in the near future would be constrained by the availability of space. Discussion on this and related topics will continue at the next Council meeting.


  • Mr. Lanier informed Council that Bond related information is now available on the UNCW website. UNCW is working jointly with CFCC and other community colleges to encourage a favorable bond vote on November 7th. Mr. Lanier encouraged Council to speak to groups about the need to vote for the university bonds. Also, members were reminded to inform the Chancellor's office about any presentation that are made. This information is being collected on a University-wide contact list.
  • Mr. Fry presented information on the possible construction and renovation projects related to the Bond. Dr. Leutze asked that any concerns about this proposed sequencing should be made as soon as possible.
  • Mr. Jordan explained the relationship of the budget to the building bond issue.
  • Off campus lease of space at Northeast Library at Landfall and a facility on New Centre Drive was discussed.

Additional Items

  • Mr. Fry quickly reviewed a suggested list of critical planning issues. These and others will be the basis for discussions at the next Council meeting. On state funding, Dr. Leutze stressed the need to obtain new funding sources for buildings and faculty salaries. Mr. Lanier commented on the state of the economy and how it relates to our funding. It is important to keep up with both federal and state legislation as it relates to the university.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.

Next meeting: October 26, 2000, 3:30 PM-5:00 PM in Alderman 215

Minutes submitted by Marguerite L. Chance, September 26, 2000

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