University Planning

University Planning and Quality Council Responsibilities

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The University Planning and Quality Council's primary role is to assist the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees with the setting of strategic campus directions and to insure that an effective process is in place to produce a consolidated planning document for the campus. The Council, through its work, symbolizes the university's commitment to a planning model that is based on the concepts articulated below. Its efforts are focused on campus-wide strategic issues and not on operational planning. Specifically, the Council's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Understand the Environment - The Council shall be responsible for defining and implementing procedures to insure that opportunities for meeting the needs of external communities and challenges to the campus are identified, discussed and forwarded to appropriate divisions for consideration in their planning activities.

2. Review Campus Mission - The Council, through its committee structure, shall conduct a review of the campus mission and recommend changes to be considered for adoption by the university's Board of Trustees

3. Establish Strategic Directions - The Council shall be responsible for creating and insuring compliance with the university's "Areas of Excellence" and its "University-wide Goals."

4. Establish Planning Process - The Council shall adopt and maintain an effective and appropriate planning process for the university.

5. Adopt Timetables -
The Council shall adopt a university-wide planning calendar that allows for review and designated linkages to resource allocation and assessment activities.

6. Review Process Performance -
The Council shall require divisions to complete a periodic review of processes, including a university-wide review of the planning process, to insure that desired results are being achieved.

7. Maintain Communications - The Council is charged with identifying appropriate ways for the campus community to have input into the planning process and for communicating planning decisions to internal and external constituencies.

8. Review Enrollment Projections -
The Council shall conduct a thorough study of and make recommendations on campus enrollment levels.

9. Review Planning Outcomes -
The Council will identify and annually review an established set of performance measures and receive interim and annual reports on divisional planning activities and outcomes.

10. Maintain Compliance - The Council shall insure that the university maintains compliance with all federal, state and accrediting agency requirements as they pertain to planning, evaluation and quality improvement activities.

11. Request Specialized Reports -
In order to insure that sufficient decision-making information is available; the Council may request reports from and/or presentations by various campus units.

12. Maintain Needs List -
The Council shall maintain a university-wide list of resources needs than can not be met through traditional support channels or through current state budget allocations.