University Planning

University Planning and Quality Council


October 6, 2004

Members Present: Provost Paul Hosier, Dr. Ronald Core, Mr. Stephen Demski, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Nelson Reid, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Robert Roer, Dr. Terry Curran, Dr. Sue McCaffray, Dr. Mark Galizio, Dr. Tom Schmid and Mr. Robert S. Russell.

Others Attending: Mr. Max Allen, Ms. Sharon Boyd, Ms. Lisa Castellino, Mr. Ed Davis, Dr. James Dragna, Ms. Nikki Howard, Mr. Mark Lanier, Ms. Nanette Manning, Mr. Matt Mayhew and Dr. Kenneth Spackman.

Provost Hosier called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.

The minutes of the September 15, 2004, meeting were approved as distributed on the Web.

Dr. Hosier introduced Ms. Lisa Castellino, UNCW's new Director of Institutional Research.

The Council considered strategic policies and targets required for master planning, presented by subcommittees as follows.

Dr. Core reported the findings of Subcommittee 1 (Planning for future security features). Discussion clarified that the role of the master planners is to design the infrastructure necessary to support policies that the university adopts. Because UNCW does not currently have a comprehensive plan for future security system deployment, Provost Hosier asked Sharon Boyd to reconstitute the Safety and Security Committee to establish guidelines and policies for future security systems, and to report their findings within a two month timeframe.

Dr. McCaffray reported the findings of Subcommittee 2 (Target for student-faculty ratio). For master planning purposes, the Planning Council authorized communication of the following projections based on an incremental reduction in the student-faculty ratio (currently estimated at 18.8 to 1, by the IPEDS FTE method) to 16 to 1 by 2009, followed by further reduction to 15.5 to 1 by 2015. Taking enrollment growth into account, this results in the following faculty headcount projections for 2009 and 2015.


Target S-F Ratio

Total Full Time Faculty

Total Part Time Faculty

Total Faculty Headcount


18.8 to 1

493 (est.)

194 (est.)

687 (est.)


16 to 1





15.5 to 1




Dr. Spackman and Vice Chancellor Leonard then reported the findings of Subcommittee 9 (Strategic projections for staff headcount). Following discussion, Dr. Core moved (Dr. Clark seconded) that the Council communicate to master planners a staff headcount estimate for 2015 based on the current UNC student-staff average ratio of UNC comprehensive institutions. ("Staff" does not include faculty.)


Total Full Time Staff

Total Part Time Staff

Total Staff Headcount









Subcommittee 9 also proposed a new objective under Goal II of the Strategic Plan. Because the Council did not settle on the wording, several suggestions were made for consideration at the next meeting.

Dr. Roer reported the findings of Subcommittee 3 (Targets for class size). The Council agreed to communicate to the master planners that the university will continue to require a mixture of sizes of classrooms, but that by 2015 UNCW will need:

  • proportionately more small "seminar-sized" classrooms (class size under 20),
  • proportionately more large classrooms (class size 40 - 100+), and
  • a significant number of "modular" classroom that can be reconfigured from a classroom of capacity 45 (or as much as 150) to two (or more) smaller classrooms by partitions and specially designed furniture.

There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm.

Future Meetings

November 3, 2004, 3:30 - 5:00 pm, in AL 215
(subsequently changed to November 5)
December 1, 2004, 3:30 - 5:00 pm, in AL 215

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