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University Planning and Quality Council


October 26, 2000 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Dr. John Cavanaugh, Timothy Jordan, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Peri Bomar for Dr. Virginia Adams, Dr. Terrence Curran, Dr. Stephen McNamee, Dr. Richard Veit, Dr. Ronald Sizemore, and Dr. David Miller for Dr. Denis Carter.

Others attending: Mark Lanier, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Dr. Melton M. McLaurin, Dr. Paul Hosier, Dr. James Dragna, Samuel Connally, David Dodd, Ms. Nikki Howard, Hal White, and Robert Fry

Chancellor Leutze called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. After calling for questions, the Minutes of the September 21, 2000 meeting stood approved as circulated.

Special Reports

Report on the Office of the President's Visit - Chancellor Leutze commented on the visit by President Broad and her group of administrators to be a positive one. Concerns and issues discussed were UNCW's performance in the Orientation process and Advising area and what direction the university is pursuing. Discussion on Assessment of the first American Praxis Report.

Ken Spackman brought the council up-to-date on the SACS process. After discussion the following list of proposed reviewers was chosen:

College of Charleston Rollins College
College of William and Mary Samford University
Furman University Stetson University
Georgia College and State University University of North Florida
James Madison University University of Richmond
Radford University Western Kentucky University

Texas A&M University at Galveston (review our marine science program).

Planning Items

  • Mr. Fry presented background materials on strategic issues facing the university (Powerpoint presentation). Discussion on the University position and direction
  • Discussion also included the following topics: faculty retirement projections over the next 5 years and the availability of Ph.D.'s when recruiting for replacements, the summer enrichment program, facility needs, and future sites for extension programs.
  • With respect to student enrollment projections, the rate of student growth over the next five (5) years is expected to be approximately 150 per year. This growth will come from new freshmen, transfers, and graduate students. Unclassified student population will include an increased number of non-traditional students seeking to update skills in certain program areas.
  • Mr. Fry informed the committee about his meeting with Training Staff from Camp Lejeune. This is part of a program being developed through the Division for Public Service and Extended Education. Dr. Howard-Vital provided additional details about the Division's work with the Marine Corps.
  • Long range plan for future class gifts was discussed.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Marguerite L. Chance, October 26, 2000

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