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University Planning and Quality Council


October15, 1998 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Marvin Moss, Tim Jordan for Robert Walton, Mr. Patton McDowell, Ms. Ann Beach for Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Neil Hadley, Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Patti Turriss, Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. Richard Veit, Dr. James Sabella, Ms. Sue Cody, Dr. Carole Tallant, and Dr. Dick Ward.

Others attending: Dr. Paul Hosier, Ms. Mimi Cunningham, Ms. Nanette Manning, James Drew, Sam Connally, and Robert Fry.

Chancellor's Comments on Planning and Vision

Dr. Leutze recommended that everyone reply to the Strategic Planning survey that is on the Web. This information will be used during the next year to create new strategic vision for the campus. The Expanded and Concise versions of the Mission Statement along with the university-wide goals will be updated to include reference to new initiatives such as distance learning and the expanded emphasis on technology.

Preliminary Results of Planning Survey

Mr. Fry reported that over 100 faculty, staff and students had responded to the planning survey. He provided a summary of the responses to the multiple response survey questions. This summary is available to the university community. A summary of the comments will be available at the November 11th meeting.

GA Request for 2000-2008 Enrollment Projections

General Administration's projections for UNCW are somewhat higher than those proposed last year. Growth beyond the 12,500 students projected earlier will require a considerable increase in academic and support space. The new fully funded classroom building and the partially funded education building will only support an enrollment level of 10,750 students. New projections are to be submitted to General Administration by November 9th. This item will be discussed at the next Planning Council Meeting.

CSIT Report to the Board of Trustees

Dr. Tyndall briefly noted that the Chancellor's Steering Committee on Information Technologies had finished its final report and was preparing a presentation for the Board of Trustee.

Release of Data to University Community

Mr. Fry proposed that some Institutional Research reports be placed on the web for use by deans, department chairs and others who need access. This would reduce the amount of paper being generated and make the updating process more timely. Ms. Manning and Mr. Drew in the OIR are currently working on this conversion. After discussion, Dr. Veit was asked to take this proposal to the Faculty Senate for discussion and a recommendation.

Mr. Fry received the written report from NCQLA and will put the summary report on the WEB in a local folder that can only be viewed from campus. He noted that, in his opinion, the review process did not take into account some of the differences between universities and for-profit businesses.

The next meeting November 11, 1998, Alderman 215 beginning at 3:30 PM.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.

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