University Planning

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University Planning and Quality Council Membership

Senior Officers:

  • Dr. Gary L. Miller, Chancellor, Council Chair
  • Dr. Cathy L. Barlow, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Council Vice Chair
  • Mr. Charles A. Maimone, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
  • Ms. Patricia L. Leonard, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Ms. Mary Gornto, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • Dr. Stephen L. McFarland, Vice Provost
  • Ms. Leah Kraus, Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Systems
  • Dr. David P. Cordle, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dean, Cameron School of Business
  • Dr. Kenneth Teitelbaum, Dean, Watson School of Education
  • Dr. Charles J. Hardy, Dean, College of Health and Human Services
  • Dr. Robert D. Roer, Dean, Graduate School
  • Dr. Michael A. Walker, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Thomas J. Barth, Interim Dean, Public Service and Continuing Studies

Faculty Representatives:

  • Dr. Gabriel Lugo, President, Faculty Senate


  • Mr. Samuel "Sammy" John Pisano, President Student Government Association
  • Mr. Max Allen, Special Assistant to the Chancellor
  • Mr. Mark Lanier
  • Assistant to the Chancellor
  • Ms. Amy Ramsey Reis, Chair, Staff Senate
  • Dr. P. Nelson Reid, Director of University Planning

Non-Voting Attendees:

  • Dr. Brian J. Victor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Terry M. Curran, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Ms. Dana R. Harris, Director of Internal Audit
  • Dr. Ricky N. Whitfield, Associate Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs
  • Dr. Nathan K. Lindsay, Director, Student Life Assessment
  • Ms. Lisa Castellino, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Institutional Research & Assessment
  • Ms. Cindy Lawson, Assistant to the Chancellor, Marketing & Communications
  • Ms. JoAnn McDowell, Interim Director, Human Resources
  • Mr. Robert S. Russell, Director of Budgets

Last Updated: July 8, 2011