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University Planning and Quality Council


May 8, 1996 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Marvin Moss, Mr. Robert Walton, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Mr. William Anylan, Dr. Rudy Kiefer representing Dr. Daniel Plyler, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Virginia Adams, Dr. Neil Hadley, Dr. Kenneth Gurganus, Dr. Jack Levy.

Others attending: Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. JoAnn Seiple, and Robert Fry. The meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM. The minutes from the March 27, 1996 meeting were approved as distributed.

Dr. Leutze initiated a discussion on grant requests with specific reference to a recent discussion paper that was submitted to a potential funding source by Public Service and Extended Education. Even though this was not a formal request, Dr. Leutze recommended that all grant related activites be coordinated with Dr. Hadley, Dean of the Graduate School and Research.


University Planning and Quality Council Steering Committee

Mr. Fry discussed the proposed changes to the Council's Steering Committee membership and responsibilities. This committee will meet to develop a draft agenda for the next Council meeting. This draft will be reviewed and approved by the Administrative Cabinet and then distributed to the Council members and placed on the university's WEB pages. The membership is limited to three Council members plus Mr. Fry who will serve as chair. The revisions were approved by the Council and the following members were appointed to serve through June 30, 1997: Robert Walton, Dr. Virginia Adams and Dr. Jack Levy.

Update on UNC Incentive Funding Accountability System

Mr. Fry reported that the Institutional Effectiveness Committee had discussed the performance indicators that were attached to the Incentive Funding document recently approved by the Board of Governors. Dr. Moss and Dr. Sieple will be asking several faculty members of this and others to serve on a committee to develop additional indicators for submission to General Administration. The deadline for submitting these indicators will be set by General Administration. The Indicators will provided to the Council when they are completed. General Administration Request for Ten Year Enrollment Projections General Administration will be asking the constituent campuses to submit ten year enrollment projections within the next several months. In addition to an estimate of on-campus students, the UNC Planning Division will be requesting estimates of extension and distance learning enrollment. The identification of growth campuses is an expected outcome of this process.


Proposal to Combine Administrative Cabinet and University Planning and Quality Council

Mr. Fry recommended that the activities of the Administrative Cabinet and the University Planning and Quality Council be combined. He feels that many of the items discuss in Administrative Cabinet meetings are related to campus planning and it would be more appropriate to place these items on the Council agenda for a more comprehensive discussion. In addition, this recommendation would reduce the number of required meetings. He distributed a proposed revision to the Council membership which included formal Cabinet members who were not also members of the Council. He requested that Dr. Denis Carter, Associate Provost for Enrollment Affairs, be added to this list. This recommendation and the proposed membership were approved after discussion. Mr. Fry reviewed the purpose for proposed changes to future Council agenda. There will be time for discussion of non-planning items at the beginning of the meeting. Members are requested to forward proposed discussion items to Mr. Fry prior to the meeting. The primary focus of the agenda will be placed on discussing critical issues that are expected to impact the university. Council members were asked to provide a list of issues that need to be addressed. The primary item identified at this point was future enrollment growth. It was decided that this will be the main topic for the next meeting. Mr. Fry will meet with Dr. Carter, Dr. Howard-Vital and Dr. Hadley about a presentation on this topic.

Chancellor's Vision Statement to the Board of Trustees

Dr. Leutze discussed his vision statement which had been presented to the Board of Trustees at its recent retreat. He asked the Council members to review this document and make any suggested changes. A revised document will be distrubted to the university community at some point in the future. He asked that the list of campus objectives be discussed at the next Council meeting.

WWW Planning Materials

Planning, Factsheet and survey results are now on the university's WEB pages.

Time and Place for Next Meeting

The next Council meeting will be on June 13, at 3 PM in Alderman 215. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

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