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University Planning and Quality Council


March 4, 2003 Meeting

Members Present: Dr. Paul Hosier, Ms. Anne Beach for Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Karen Wetherill for Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Terrence Curran, Dr. Lynne Snowden, Dr. Stephen Harper, Dr. Thomas Schmid, Dr. Denis Carter. Others attending: Dr. Jim Dragna, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Dr. Becky Porterfield, Ms. Mini Cunningham, Ms. Nanette Manning and Mr.Bob Fry.

Dr. Hosier chaired the meeting in the Chancellor's absence. He called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm and declared a quorum was present.

Minutes of the December 12, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

Special Reports

Substantive Change Suggestion

Dr. Spackman reported that there were two recommendations and four suggestions made by the SACS committee conducting the substantive change review of the university's TABSA dual degree program in international business. Responses are due on the two recommendations by March 25th. The SACS group suggested that the university's mission statement be modified to include more about its international focus. Since the next full review of the mission is scheduled for 2004, it was decided that the university would consider appropriate modifications at that time. The Council approved a motion to this effect.

Annual Outcomes Assessment Report

Dr. Spackman reported on a proposal to collect student outcomes assessment information during the Academic Affairs annual reporting process. Since this approach was outlined in the university's SACS self-study, he indicated that this was the appropriate time to start this data collection process. A major reason for this approach is to provide some common data collection method that can be used to demonstrate commitment to conducting outcomes analysis and to provide information about the results of the university's efforts in this area. It is expected that each department will report its results using this year-end process. His hope is that once outcomes information is on the web then departments will begin comparing results and improving processes by discussing different approaches to conducting outcomes analysis. He suggested a variety of methods to assist in the improvement process including presentations by successful departments or outside groups and conducting workshops of a variety of outcome related topics.

Planning Items

Change in Organizational Responsibilities

Mr. Fry reported that University Planning and Institutional Research have been temporarily moved as separate entities under the Office of the Provost. Effective March 1, Dr. Kenneth Spackman assumed the position of Director of University Planning and Ms. Nanette Manning will continue to be Director of Institutional Research. The Facilities Committee will also report to the Provost on a temporary basis. The new chancellor will determine the long-term organizational placement of each of these offices. A decision to relocate the Event Scheduling office will be discussed in the Administrative Cabinet within the next few weeks. Mr. Fry thanked the Chancellor and the Council for the opportunity to serve in his planning role during the last 12 years. Dr. Spackman will now support the Council planning activities.

Proposal on Learning Communities

In response to discussions at previous meetings, Dr. Tyndall proposed that the Council establish a Task Force to study the possibility of incorporating learning community (LC) concepts into the campus culture, policies and processes. The Task Force report would focus on identifying sources of information and experts who can help the campus better understand LC concepts as they might be used to improve the campus environment. Following extensive discussions, the Council approved the creation of a Task Force and asked Dr. James Dragna to chair this group. He will make periodic reports to the Council and work toward having a report completed by the fall semester.

Office of the President 2004-2009 Planning Request

The UNC Office of President (OP) has requested that each campus complete materials that will be used to develop the system's 2004-09 Long Range Plan. Dr. Spackman reviewed the various components of the request and indicated that he will meet with various groups to discuss their involvement in the completion of the final UNCW document. He will also be working with the University Planning Coordinators on development of the institution's strategic planning document. The deadline for submitting the completed document is May 15th.

Enrollment projections

As part of the OP request, UNC institutions are required to submit ten year enrollment projections. The period covered by this request is 2003-2012. Mr. Fry distributed several items and discussed each. He asked that members review these materials and be prepared to discuss these at the next Council meeting. He noted that projections include both on-campus and distance education enrollment. An OP videoconference on enrollment projections will be held in the near future. Any information resulting from this meeting will be provided prior to the Council's next meeting.

Next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 25th at 3:30 PM in Alderman 215.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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