University Planning

University Planning and Quality Council


March 3, 1995 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Joan Willey, Dr. Kenneth Gurganus, Dr. Marvin Moss, Dr. James McNab, Dr. Howard-Vital, Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Virginia Adams, Dr. William Bryan, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Mr. William Analyn, Dr. Jack Levy and Dr. Carolyn Simmons.

Others attending:
Dr. Denis Carter, Mr. Tim Jordan for Mr. Robert Walton. and Robert Fry.

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m. The minutes from the February 8th Planning Council meeting were approved as distributed .


UNC Quality Indicators

Mr. Fry mentioned that draft copies of the report were distributed to the CAO. The committee voiced some major concerns about the process and how the indicators will be used. UNCW Planning Database John Lynpany has internship working for Institutional Research to develop a Planning Database that would include strategic assessment.


University's Concise Mission Statement

Mr. Fry noted the revisions made in the concise mission statement prepared by Dr. Joan Willey and Dr. Jo Ann Sieple. The statement will be presented to the Board of Trustee for their approval and from there sent to the Board of Governors.

Long Term Enrollment Projections

At the last meeting it was noted that further discussion would take place. According to the attached handout the figures given for fall '94 are our actual figures released through Office of Institutional Research. The figures that appear for '96-99 are from GA calculation.. We need to be aware of these figures and the facilities need for the growth. Further study will be done to emphasis the growth pattern.

Survey Activities

A handout that compares various institutions looking at guardian income showed that UNCW ranked 3rd. About 80% of student going to college receive a BA; about 62% are from first time college families and about 21% are athletic graduates These are questions GA ask and are also on the Freshman survey that is administrated at orientation.

The next meeting to be announced.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

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