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University Planning and Quality Council


March 22, 2001 Meeting

Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Dr. John Cavanaugh Timothy Jordan, Ms. Pat Leonard, Ty Rowell for Patton McDowell, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Raymond Burt for Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Lawrence Clark, Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Perri Bomar, Dr. Neil Hadley, Dr. Terrence Curran, Dr. Lynne Snowden, Dr. Stephen McNamee, Dr. Ronald Sizemore, and Dr. Denis Carter.

Others attending: Dr. Melton McLaurin, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Dr. James Dragna, Ms. Gay Davis, Ms. Nanette Manning, Dr. Bruce Rayon, Ms.Roxie Shabazz, David Dodd, Ms. Sharon Boyd, Dick Scott, Bobby Miller, Ray Humphries, Steve Perry, Stephen Swartz, and Robert Fry.

Chancellor Leutze called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM. After asking for corrections, the minutes of the February 28, 2001 meeting stood approved as distributed.

Special Reports

Changes to Campus Computing Services

Dr. Tyndall gave an overview of infrastructure upgrades that will take place during the next few months. These changes will provide room for growth in the technology infrastructure for the next several years. Steve Perry reported that Computing Services has created a partnership with Dell Computer and Microsoft to put in place the upgrades that are now underway. Dave Dodd informed the committee that the present system that is structured around the VAX/VMS architecture has reached its peck and the university is now loosing ground as it continues to depend on this obsolete equipment. Stephen Swartz provided information about what can be expected once this new hardware and software is in place. These upgrades are expected to be in place by the Fall of 2002.

Dr. Leutze thanked Dr. Tyndall and his staff for all the work they have done and looks forward to the benefits that will result once all of the changes are completed.

Planning Items

OP Request for Enrollment Projections and Long Range Planning Materials

Minority Presence Plan

Roxie Shabazz reported that enrollment data looks dramatically different than it did ten years ago. Ms. Shabazz proposed a plan to broaden the university's scope of action including a better understanding of what constitutes a comfort zone for minority groups. She indicated that all universities are competing for the same students and UNCW needs to offer something that would make UNCW more appealing than other universities. One of her suggestions is to make this university a model for diversity and have others patterned after UNCW.

After extensive discussion, Dr. Leutze recommended that a group to include Vice Chancellor Leonard, Ms. Shabazz, and Provost Cavanaugh, meet for further discussions on the minority presence plan and find ways to implement some of the ideas discussed at the Council meeting.

Because of the meeting's length, Dr. Leutze asked that the remaining agenda items be held until the April meeting.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Next meeting: April 26, 2001, 3:30 PM-5: 00 PM in Alderman 215

Minutes submitted by Yvonne G. Smith, March 28, 2001.

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