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June 23, 2005

Members Present: Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo, Provost Paul Hosier, Dr. Ronald Core, Ms. Pat Leonard, Ms. Mary Gornto, Dr. Nelson Reid, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Karen Wetherill (for Dr. Cathy Barlow), Dr. Bettie Glenn (for Dr. Virginia Adams), Dr. Terry Curran, Dr. Mark Galizio, Dr. Susan McCaffray, Dr. Carol Pilgrim, Dr. Thomas Schmid, Mr. William Fleming and Mr. Robert Russell.

Others Attending: Dr. Raymond Burt, Ms. Nikki Howard, Ms. Gay Howe, Dr. Matt Mayhew, Dr. Mark Spaulding, Ms. Kay Ward, and Dr. Kenneth Spackman.

Provost Hosier called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

The minutes of the May 25, 2005, meeting were approved as distributed on the Web.

The agenda for this meeting consisted of discussing the reports of ten subcommittees who reviewed the ten draft priority progress measures. Because of time limitations, discussion of progress measures #1 and #2 was minimal. These will need to be addressed again by the Council at its first fall meeting. The Council accepted the remaining measures subject to suggested follow-up as described below.

Progress measure #1 Student-faculty ratio (Sue McCaffray, Bob Russell, Nelson Reid)
Chancellor DePaolo asked Dr. Spackman to calculate the effect of enrollment growth funds and MALSA funds on the student-faculty ratio as additional background prior to setting a target in this area.

Progress measure #2 Student-staff ratio (William Fleming, Ron Core, Bob Tyndall)
The subcommittee calculated that the cost of reducing the student-staff ratio to the UNC System median would be an unreasonable $16 million over five years. We need to determine which staff are in greatest need, where increasing staff would have the greatest impact, and how contract employees affect the ratio. A plan is needed for future staff positions that balances position creation and staff salary competitiveness.

Progress measure #3 Diversity (Denis Carter, Tom Schmid, Steve Demski)
The Council agreed to remove reference to the 146 instituions of the Consortium for High Achievement and Success survey. The Council also sought to expand the scope of this progress measure to address increasing minority student enrollments. Chancellor DePaolo asked Dr. Spackman to consult with Eileen Goldgeier concerning ways to do this, and to look at diversity measures established at other universities.

Progress measure #4 Retention and graduation rates (Pat Leonard, Terry Curran, Cathy Barlow, Carol Pilgrim)
The Council agreed that the targets are appropriate and reasonable, and no changes were made to this measure. It was noted that a strategy of increasing enrollments of transfer students would have no effect on these measures since retention and graduation rates are calculated only for new freshman cohorts. As additional information is gathered (e.g., non-returning freshman exit interviews, analysis by program, effects of changing SAT scores and demographics, etc.), the targets and timelines may be adjusted on annual review.

Progress measure #5 Undergrads housed on campus (Pat Leonard, Ron Core, Brad Reid)
The target was adjusted to house 35% of undergraduates (excluding extension students) on campus by 2009. This reflects planned phases I and II as well as a projected Phase III--a total of 1548 new beds by fall 2009. It was agreed to add a note to the rationale indicating that the demand for additional beds beyond Phase III will be evaluated in 2009 and future plans developed accordingly.

Progress measure #6 Faculty salaries (Mark Spaulding, William Fleming, Cathy Barlow, Bob Russell)
The Council agreed to expand this measure to include progress measures for SPA and other EPA employees' salaries, despite the fact that the university has less control over those salaries than faculty salaries. Mr. Fleming offered to draft the needed targets and rationale for Council's consideration.

Progress measure #7 Research expenditures (Bob Roer, Mark Galizio, Mark Lanier)
The Council adopted the subcommittee's recommendation to reduce the target for 2010 R &D expenditures to "at least $17 million."

Progress measure #8 International students and study abroad (Larry Clark, Virginia Adams, Kim Sawrey)
The Council made no changes in this measure, but noted that the targets and timeline may need to be adjusted on annual review as we implement strategies to achieve these goals. It also may be desirable in the future to add a target for the percentage of students who participate in other kinds of international experiences (besides those earning at least three credits).

Progress measure #9 Endowment for scholarships (Mary Gornto, Mark Lanier, Emily Bliss)
During discussion, there was some question whether $20 million was enough for merit scholarships based on the most recent benchmark information, and whether that amount took into account varying tuition costs of UNCW's competitors. It was decided that the amount would be reviewed at the time our campaign consultants determine capacity. The Council also suggested expanding this measure to include diversity scholarships.

Progress measure #10 Alumni giving rate (Mary Gornto)
The Council agreed to modify the measure to read "at least 16%" by FY 2008. The rationale might also include information on the average gift amount and total dollars contributed by alumni.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Future Meetings (All meetings in AL 215)

Thursday Sep. 1, 2005 3:30-5:00 pm
Wednesday Oct. 5, 2005 3:30-5:00 pm
Monday Nov. 7, 2005 3:30-5:00 pm
Thursday Dec. 8, 2005 3:30-5:00 pm

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