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Joint Meeting - Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees and the

University Planning and Quality Council


April 14, 1998 Meeting

Committee Members present: George B. Autry, Chair, James M. Corcoran, and Dr. Juanita M. Kreps. Also attending were Board members not on the Committee.

Council Members present: Dr. James Leutze, Chair, Dr. Marvin Moss, Robert Walton, Ms. Pat Leonard, Kevin Jacques, Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Terry Curran, Dr. Stephen Harper, Dr. Denis Carter, Dr. Richard Veit, Dr. Carol Tallant and Dr. Ned Martin. Others attending: Nanette Manning, Niki Howard, Sam Connally, Paul Hosier, Ty Rowell, and Robert Fry.

Mr. Autry called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Golden Hawk Room of the Nixon Annex.

Mr. Fry, Assistant to the Chancellor for Planning, gave a report on the North Carolina Quality Leadership Foundation (NCQLF) award application submitted on March 31, 1998. This is the second award application submitted during the last three years. A copy of the award criteria and UNCW's response was distributed to each Committee and Council member. In producing this document, Mr. Fry emphasized the linkage between these criteria and those found in the Southern Association of College and Schools accreditation documents. This presentation focused on each of the seven criteria with special emphasis placed on leadership, planning, customer identification, information and process management, and human resource development. Mr. Fry asked that this application process be repeated each year with increased input from all areas of the university community. He feels that this "self-study" process will better prepare the university to respond to the SACS Criteria during the next several years. The NCQLF will inform the university in June of its award status. A site visit will be made in August to finalists with award presentations scheduled for the fall.

Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital provided an overview of the North Carolina - South Carolina Border Conference which was held on March 30-31 at the Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach. Mr. Royce Angel, Special Assistant for Community Relations in the Division for Public Service and Extended Education, provided information about activities that are currently taking place as a result of the Conference and indicated that a final report would be published by May 15th. Chancellor Leutze discussed a possible follow-up Conference and the need for increased involvement by other members of the regional community. He noted that there are significant differences in the labor markets of southeastern NC and northeastern SC - two of the five fastest growing areas in the US. Two items of immediate interest are the regional airport concept and the potential routing of I-73.

Chancellor Leutze gave a history of the federal grant funds expected to be shared by UNCW and Coastal Carolina Community College. The university had expected to use its share to build and equip a distance learning facility on campus. Unfortunately the wording of the federal legislation did not allow for construction or equipment purchases. This problem is expected to be corrected in subsequent legislation. Mr. Lanier pointed out that Dr. W. Kenneth Morgan, Sr., a Jacksonville resident and Board of Governors member, was instrumental in facilitating communications between the university and Senator Faircloth's office.

Recognizing the growing importance of technology in higher education, Chancellor Leutze asked Drs. Howard-Vital and Tyndall, co-chairs of the Chancellor's Steering Committee on Information Technologies, to prepare a presentation for the next Planning Committee meeting.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

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