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April 13, 2010

Members Present: Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo, Provost Cathy Barlow, Mr. Charlie Maimone, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Debra Saunders-White, Dr. David Cordle, Mr. Larry Clark, Dr. Karen Wetherill, Dr. James McCann, Dr. Bob Roer, Dr. Steve McFarland, Dr. Bruce McKinney, Dr. Dick Dillaman, Dr. Carol McNulty, Mr. William Fleming, Mr. Max Allen, Mr. Mark Lanier, and Dr. Kenneth Spackman.

Others Attending: Dr. Johnson Akinleye, Dr. Manny Avalos, Ms. Lisa Castellino, Dr. Terry Curran, Ms. Dana Harris, Ms. Suzanne Helms, Dr. Jose Hernandez, Ms. Cindy Lawson, and Dr. Nathan Lindsay.

Chancellor DePaolo called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

The minutes of the March 23 meeting were approved as posted on the Web.

Cindy Lawson gave a comprehensive overview of best practices in higher education marketing and communications, and presented three proposed Vision 2020 objectives (with supporting explanations and details) from the Promotional Committee:

  • conduct baseline and longitudinal market research
  • develop and formalize a brand
  • develop and launch an advertising plan

The Council then discussed the next steps necessary to prepare for campus community input into further refinement of Vision 2020. Chancellor DePaolo charged Barlow, McFarland, Cordle, Roer, Lawson and Spackman to prepare a concise, unified report for consideration at the May 4 meeting that:

  • presents the main ideas of the four Vision 2020 committees,
  • explains why they are important and how they relate to the strategic plan, and
  • includes current evidence to support these ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm.

Future Meetings (At 2:00-3:30 pm in AL 215)


May 4, 2010

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