circle.jpg (17012 bytes)
Simple lawn treatment or a low profile fountain is proposed for this circular island in the Historic Core.

erosion.jpg (27786 bytes)
Erosion at pond's edge in Commons.

racine.jpg (20851 bytes)
View to entry node at Racine Drive.

V. Priority Garden Development

The two gardens chosen by the Arboretum Steering Committee to take to a more detailed development level are the Historic Core Landscape and the Campus Commons Landscape. These gardens were selected because of their visibility and their prominence in the University setting. The implementation of the landscape improvements in these areas will serve as catalysts to the overall arboretum development. These two garden areas will be an important proving ground for the Arboretum's success as well as serve as educational areas for visitors. The Historic Core gardens will present plants significant to the coastal gardens of the past as well as serve as an icon of the University's roots. The Common's landscape will tell the story of the University's concern with the natural environment and the significance of the use of native plant materials.

Priority Garden Projects

The following represents a list of recommended projects which we feel are priorities for the Master Plan Implementation. The first two sections list tasks for the two priority gardens. The last section suggests priority projects for other landscape zones.

  1. Historic Core (Refer to rendered plan)
    • Remove planting in circular island, establish lawn or fountain.
    • Relocate flagpole and cannon.
    • Remove River Birch.
    • Infill walkway landscape cut-out with brick.
    • Establish mulch groundcover bed under Live Oak trees in quadrangle.
  2. Campus Commons (Refer to rendered plan)
    • Shade tree planting at pond edge, amphitheater seating and between Conservation Areas.
    • Establish groundcover and native grass plantings at pond edge to control erosion and to eliminate mowing/fertilizer here.
  3. Other Garden Areas
    • Plant large tree groves in University Union parking lot.
    • Relocate 50% of Crape Myrtles on Chancellors Walk. Infill bed areas between walks with brick pavers.
    • Tree grove plantings in Recreation areas.
    • Remove chain link fencing in Recreation Area where possible.
    • Design and install entry node walls and planting at Hurst Drive.
    • Install Phase I entry node planting at Racine Drive (Flowering tree framework and plant bed.)
    • Continue to install additional plant identification labels.