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Views into maintenance and support area will be filtered with buffer plantings.

7. Maintenance and Support


The landscape development within the maintenance and support area will be limited to turf and buffer plantings adjacent to the Recreation and Residence Halls area. The Arboretum could experiment with untested and newly introduced plants in this zone prior to their incorporation into the campus landscape.


  1. The gardens, in the form of test plots, are to be functional working gardens.
  2. Evergreen hedge materials should screen utilities and unsightly storage areas.
  3. Compost piles, mulch piles, propagation greenhouses and perennial production trial areas are potential garden components in this zone.
  4. A large field area to store, grow and care for smaller plants donated or purchased for the arboretum will be important.
  5. Large plantings of evergreens and deciduous trees should be planted to screen views from the Residential areas.


A low level of maintenance is important to this area. The maintenance in this zone should focus on the working gardens which will support the arboretum plantings.


  • Maintenance issues should focus on the up-keep of cold frames, greenhouses and landscape equipment.
  • Weeds will be a common problem in exposed plant production areas. Clean, well kept production and support areas will be critical to the image of this zone, particularly, if tours are given here in the future.

Plant Palette


Cryptomeria japonica/Cryptomeria
Juniperus virginiana/Eastern Red Cedar
Liquidambar styraciflua/Sweetgum
Magnolia virginiana/Sweet Bay
Pinus palustris/Longleaf Pine
Pinus virginiana/Virginia Pine


Callistemon lanceolatus/Bottlebrush
Illicium anisatum/Anisetree
Ligustrum lucidum/Tall Glossy Privet
Loropetalum chinense/Loropetalum
Myrica cerifera/Wax Myrtle
Osmanthus fortunei/Fortune Tea Olive
Podocarpus macrophyllus maki/Podocarpus
Pyracantha koidzumi/Firethorn

Perennials for Production

Echinacea purpurea/Purple Coneflower
Hemerocallis fulva/Cultivar Daylilies
Monarda didyma/Bee Balm
Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivanti/Black-Eyed Susan
Salvia nemorosa 'Mainacht'/'May Night' Salvia