Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

M.S. in Marine Science with an Option in Physical Oceanography

TILeftGonzalo.jpgOur faculty also contribute to the Masters in Science in Marine Science program. As an undergraduate, you might consider getting a bachelor's degree with an option in physical oceanography and then going on to obtain a M.S. in Marine Science with an option in physical oceanography.


Nationally there is a critical need for physicalUNCW-coastal-sunset oceanographers. In fact, President Obama established the first National Policy for Stewardship of our Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes which recommends increasing our education about "the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes and their uses to build a foundation for greater understanding and improved stewardship, and build capacity to produce future scientists, managers, and members of a dynamic and innovative workforce." The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of geophysicists and oceanographers is expected to grow 18%, faster than the average for all occupations during the 2008-18 decade!

Degree Requirements

PHY Graduate Courses

Contact any of the following faculty for further details and potential thesis research topics.

Dr. Bingham
Dr. Liu
Dr. Mieras
Dr. Suanda
Dr. Wei