Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Mission & Outcomes

photoThe Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Concurrent with the mission statements of the University and the College, the Department is committed to, and values excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. The Department provides quality programs leading to the B.S. and B.A. degrees through courses that stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression, and through opportunities for student participation in the scholarly activity of its faculty. The Department further supports the College mission by providing service courses in the natural sciences that acquaint beginning students with the laws of nature and develop their abilities to reason and think critically. The Department serves as a resource to the University and community by providing professional services at the local, regional, and global levels.

Student Learning Outcomes and Sample Syllabi

Strategic Planning (PDF)

Department Goals and Objectives
2005 Strategic Plan