payroll/documents/W-2OnlineConsentInstructions.pdfFrequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a new employee. How do I get my first paycheck?

A. The State of NC has mandated that all employees have their paychecks direct deposited to a checking or savings account. If you have not submitted a Direct Deposit form your first paycheck at UNCW is a paper check. You will pick it up in the Cashier's Office (Warwick Center) on payday. Please bring a picture ID with you.

Q. Can someone else pick up my paycheck for me?

A. We can only release your paycheck to someone other than you if we receive an email from you with the person's name and your permission. This person will need to bring a picture ID when picking up your check. Send your request to our Payroll Inbox (

Q. When Is payday?

A. If you are a student or temporary staff employee, you are paid on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, payday is the Friday before. If you are a permanent faculty or staff, temporary faculty or flat pay graduate student, you are paid on the last working day of the month.

Q. Can I have my paychecks direct deposited into a checking or savings account?

A. The State of NC has mandated that all UNCW employees have their paychecks direct deposited. The completed Direct Deposit form and a voided check from your account or documentation from your bank verifying the correct routing number and account number must be submitted to the Payroll Department. Your direct deposit will take effect with our receipt of your bank information.

Q. How will I receive my paystub if my paycheck is direct deposited?

A. Direct deposit notifications are emailed one business day prior to payday to your "" email address. Undeliverable emails due to a full mailbox will not be resent nor printed. If you are a temporary employee without an "" email address, your notification will be mailed to the primary address on file.

Q. I deleted my direct deposit email notification. How can I get another copy?

A. We cannot resend the direct deposit notification. However your paycheck information is accessible on UNCW's Self Service portal. SeaNet for students and mySeaPort for faculty and staff.

Q. How do I change my tax withholding?

A. The Federal W-4 and the NC-4 Form should be completed online through SeaNet for students and mySeaPort for faculty and staff.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. If you are a permanent employee, part-time faculty, or temporary employee, email . If you are an undergraduate student, contact the Registrar's Office in James Hall. Their main number is 962-3125. If you are a graduate student, contact the Graduate School in James Hall. Their main number is 962-7303. It is very important that you keep your address up to date!

Q. I had to close my bank account. What will happen to my direct deposit?

A. You must inform the Payroll Department immediately. Depending on your pay date and when you inform us of the account closure, we may or may not be able to stop the direct deposit. If the direct deposit has already been sent, we will issue a replacement check when the bank has returned the funds to us. You should also contact your bank. If you have opened a new account with them, they may automatically deposit your funds to your new account.

Q. I want to change the benefits that are withheld from my paycheck. Who do I contact?

A. Any benefit changes must be handled through your Benefits Counselor in Human Resources. They will send the Payroll Department the paperwork to make any necessary changes to your payroll deductions. If you have general questions about benefits and deductions currently being withheld, the Payroll Department can help you.

Q. I am an international employee. What do I need to do concerning my paycheck?

A. International employees who are not citizens of the United States, also referred to as non-resident aliens (NRA's), must make an appointment to meet with Lisa Eakins eakinsl@uncw.eduPRIOR TO BEGINNING WORK for UNCW. NRA's are taxed based on the tax treaty the United States has with their country and specific information and forms are required.  You will need to bring with you, your passport, visa, I-94, Social Security Card (or letter from the Social Security Administration with your Social Security number listed), DS-2019 or I-20, completed Direct Deposit Form with voided check, local address, foreign address, phone number and email address.

Q. How will I receive my W-2 in January?

A. With your consent, W-2's will be available online by the middle of January each year. To consent, click here and follow the easy instructions. If you have not consented to receive your W-2 online, your W-2 will be mailed to the primary address we have on file. Please keep your address current.

Q. I lost my W-2. How do I get another copy?

A. If you are a current faculty or staff member and have an "" email address, you can access your W-2 information through mySeaPort. Current and former students have access to SeaNet for W-2 information. These sites provide a printable copy that is accepted by the Internal Revenue Service as a valid substitute for the original. If you are no longer employed at UNCW and your W-2 was mailed, please email your duplicate W-2 request to and include your Employee ID# or Social Security # and the address where you need the W-2 mailed.