Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Beverley Foulks McGuire, Professor

Faculty portrait, contact information, and education.

Office: Bear Hall 244
Phone: 910-962-2879



  • Ph.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • M.Div., Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA
  • B.A., Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Areas of Expertise
    • Chinese Buddhism
    • East Asian Religions
  • Publications
    • “Resilience and Interdependence: Christian and Buddhist Views of Social Responsibility Following Natural Disasters,” Buddhist-Christian Studies, forthcoming November 2019.
    • “Analogous Activities: Tools for Thinking Comparatively in Religious Studies Courses,” Teaching Theology and Religion, forthcoming May 2019.
    • “Digital Media and the Buddhist Diaspora” in Religion Online: How Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Worship and Pray, ed. Daniel A. Stout, Amanda Sturgill, and Chiung Huang Chen, 232-249 (Volume 2). Praeger Publishing, 2019.
    • “Preparing Students for Interreligious Dialogue: Experiential Learning as a Precursor for Pluralism.” Journal of Interreligious Studies 22 (April 2018): 36-45.
    • “Buddhist Uploads,” in Posthumanism: The Future of Homo Sapiens, edited by Diana Pasulka and Michael Bess, 143-153. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA, 2018.
    • “Seeing Suchness: Emotional and Material Means of Perceiving Reality in Chinese Buddhist Divination Rituals,” in Historicizing Emotions: Practices and Objects in India, China, and Japan, edited by Barbara Schuler, 261-296. Boston: Brill, 2017.
    • “Principles for Effective Asynchronous Online Instruction in Religious Studies,” Teaching Theology and Religion 20.1 (January 2017): 28-45.
    • “Integrating the Intangibles into Asynchronous Online Instruction: Strategies for Improving Interaction and Social Presence.” The Journal of Effective Teaching 16.3 (November 2016): 62-75.
    • "Chinese Buddhist Perspectives on Karma." Dharma World 43 (July-September 2016): 12-15.
    • "Buddhist Blogs in Mainland China and Taiwan", in  Religion and Media in China, ed. Stefania Travagin. New York: Routledge Press, 2016, p. 151-166.
    • "The Way of the Blogisattva: Buddhist Blogs on the Web" in  Buddhism, the Internet, and Digital Media: The Pixel in the Lotus, ed. Gregory Price Grieve and Daniel Veidlinger. New York: Routledge Press, 2015, p. 204-219
    • Living Karma: The Religious Practices of Ouyi Zhixu. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014.
    • "Playing With Karma: A Buddhist Board Game." Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief 10.1 (2014): 4-29.
    • "Divining Karma in Chinese Buddhism." Religion Compass 7.10 (2013): 413-422.
    • "Bringing Buddhism Into the Classroom: Jiang Qian's (1876-1942) Vision for Education in Republican China." Journal of Chinese Religions 39 (2011): 33-54.
    • "Duplicitous Thieves: Ouyi Zhixu's Criticism of Jesuit Missionaries in Late Imperial China." Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal 21 (2008): 55-76.
  • Courses Taught
    • PAR 232 - Asian Religions
    • PAR 370 - Tibetan Buddhism
    • PAR 371 - Buddhism
    • PAR 372 - Indian Religions
    • PAR 373 - Chinese Religions
    • PAR 374 - Japanese Religions
    • PAR 400 - Philosophical and Religious Perspectives on Happiness
  • Fun Facts
    • Certified as a yoga instructor in 2016.
    • Likes to kayak.