Philosophy and Religion

Dr. George Felis, Lecturer

George Felis

Office: Bear Hall 280
Phone: (910) 962-3730


  • Ph.D., University of Georgia, Athens GA
  • M.A., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • B.A., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Areas of Specialization:

  • Ethical Theory
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Political Philosophy
  • Critical Thinking


  • Ph.D. - "Evolved Value and the Foundations of Ethical Theory"
  • Master's - "This View of Life: Teleology's Place in Evolutionary Biology"


  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award - University of Georgia

Courses Taught:

  • PAR 101: Philosophical Thinking
  • PAR 115: Introduction to Ethics
  • PAR 215: Bioethics
  • PAR 218: Symbolic Logic
  • UNI 101: First-Year Seminar
  • GLS 592: Evolution, Culture, and Gender


Why is a college in Ohio named after a city in Florida? That's backwards. Miami University (my alma mater) was founded in 1809, before Florida became a state in 1845, and way before the city of Miami was incorporated in 1896.