Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Walter H. Conser, Professor Emeritus

Faculty portrait, contact information, and education.



  • Ph.D., Brown University
  • A.M., Brown University
  • B.A., University of California, Irvine
  • Areas of Expertise
    • Religion in America
    • Dr. Conser was also a History Professor at UNCW
  • Publications
    • Presbyterians in North Carolina: Race, Politics, and Religious Identity in Historical Perspective (with Robert J. Cain). University of Tennessee Press, 2012.
    • Southern Crossroads: Perspectives on Religion and Culture. Edited by W. Conser and R. Payne (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2008)
    • A Coat of Many Colors: Religion and Society along the Cape Fear River of North Carolina Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2006.
    • Sacred Spaces: Architecture and Religion in Historic Wilmington. Wilmington: Bellamy Mansion Museum, 1999.
    • Religious Diversity and American Religious History. Edited by W. Conser and S.B. Twiss. University of Georgia, 1997.
    • God and the Natural World: Religion and Science in Antebellum America. University of South Carolina, 1993.
    • Church and Confession: Conservative Theologians in Germany, England, and America. Mercer University, 1984.
  • Lectures
    • July 2016 - Dr. Conser delivered a lecture at Heidelburg University, Germany
    • July 2016 - Dr. Conser delivered a lecture at Brasenose College, Oxford University, England
  • Courses Taught
    • PAR 103: Introduction to Religion
    • PAR 242: Religion in America
    • PAR 350: Native American Religious Tradition
    • PAR 351: Religion in Early America
    • PAR 352: Religion in Antebellum America
    • PAR 353: Religious Reform in Modern America
    • PAR 355: Southern Religion