Philosophy and Religion

Mission Statement

The Department of Philosophy and Religion shares the university's commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. A constituent of the College of Arts and Sciences, the department supports the university's mission to ground all of its students in the humanities by providing a quality undergraduate education taught by a student-centered faculty who consider their scholarship, research, and service to be essential to effective teaching. It seeks to foster philosophy and the study of religions and to encourage a critical appreciation of the deepest issues of human experience of the past and present, in our own culture and globally. It plays a vital role in the University's effort to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression in its students and in the community.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion strives to maintain a diverse faculty who excel in traditional modes of teaching, research, and service but who are also engaged in innovative approaches to teaching and scholarship. The department has been committed since its inception to internationalization of the curriculum, to community and regional service, and to university-wide and interdisciplinary programs, and it supports the university's resolution to make technology an integral part of all of its activities.

In all it undertakes, UNCW's Department of Philosophy and Religion reaffirms the values espoused by the University and the College: diversity, an international perspective, community citizenship, and the pursuit and communication of knowledge as integral to being human.